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Grooming Services

I am a National Certified Master Groomer with over 40 years experience in the grooming industry.

Here are some pictures of my facility. We love our new facility and are grateful for the hard work my husband and son in law Robby Allmendinger put into it. We have a full-service coffee bar if you are waiting for your pet. We have two hydro tubs for dogs that are arthritic or have horrible skin issues. We have a great safe yard for the dogs to take breaks. We do client only boarding for small pets under 40 pounds.  It is our pet perk for grooming clients only. Pets have 24-hour supervision as we live on the premises. Your pet will enjoy coming here because the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. I make it a point to keep the atmosphere as stress free as possible. I try to do everything I can to make you and your pet comfortable. All grooming includes nails cut and dremeled, ears plucked and flushed, anals, teeth brushing, and any kind of haircut requested plus any shampoo needed including specialty shampoos for different coat type and condition. Our prices are very competitive. Base price starts at $60.00. Our boarding rate is 25 per night .

I am also a Labratory Animal Technologist. We are highly skilled and take our trade of choice very seriously. Animals like children need to be treated as individuals. Our philosophy is very different from the corporate stores. While in our care your pet will be treated like the individual they are. There comfort and care will take precedence above and beyond your expectations. My four children are also all dog groomers. My daughter , Annette Giraud lives a mile away and has a mobile unit. She breeds pugs and just finished her first bred by dog. . My daughter Janet Allmendinger is located in Ny and breeds miniature poodles with me. Her number is 607-373-6118 and her email is Her kennel name is Morningstar. 

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